Outlaw Personnel

Mark Ficken, The Voice of Outlaw Rodeo

Dr. Mark Ficken is a well respected Superintendent of schools in Boonville, MO. But Mark also is the rodeo announcer that straddles a big grey horse and has been known to dally off a saddle bronc or even rope a bull; all why never missing a step to inform and entertain the crowd.

Benny “Top Gun” Prilwitz, Cowboy Protection Specialist

2007 was Ben’s first full year with Outlaw Rodeo, and he came in with a bang. Even though “Top Gun” is only 22, he works bad bucking bulls and saves cowboys like a hardened veteran. “Top Gun” Prilwitz has been a 3X MRCA bullfighter.

Mick “Greazy” Niemeier, Cowboy Protection Specialist

Action is the key word about Mick. Coming in at 6″1″, “Greazy” moves like the wind and is seemingly in three places at once, all three being the right place to be. He’s a born athlete and a second generation rodeo cowboy.

Justin Patterson, Professional Pickup Man

Justin Patterson is the cowboy’s cowboy. Born in to a ranch and rodeo family he was raised in the sand hills of Nebraska. His arena career started as a bullfighter, but then moved to picking up shortly after. Justin is a top-hand with a rope, and also enjoys leather craftsmanship.

Waylon Perry, Pyro-technician & Sound Specialist

Waylon Perry has been chosen to be the exclusive pryo-technician and sound man for the BullRiders of America and National Federation of Professional Bullriders as well as working with the Missouri Cowboys Rodeo Association and the Iowa Rodeo association. Waylon is renown for his  dramatic patriotic tributes and powerful openings and closings. Since 2006 Perry has been an Outlaw exclusive.

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